Primeco Services LLC. | Cleaning the s*** out septic tanks for 10 years.



Primeco Services llc. The leader in Portable toilet rentals and Septic cleaning services. We have been at it again with these guys and their dirty job of septic cleaning and portable toilet rentals. They definitely have a shi*** job but that means money! That’s right stinky old – Money! The thing about this company is that it is a necessity and everyone needs it time and time again. All construction companies in OKC are using them for their stellar septic services.

We are planning on a complete site redo and Total Social dominance package that will get the brand name out there. We feel there is a huge market for this service and we will have to be swift to keep the other marketers off our tail.

The primary purpose of the site rebuild is to give a more influential appearance to the everyday consumer. They will have an amazing form to call system setup that allows the form to be filled out and someone at their office will be able to receive a “hot lead” and seal the deal hopefully within 30 seconds of calling the customer. This new technology is simply amazing on all accounts and will forever change the business lead generation landscape.



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