Paintless dent repair OKC | Hail Restore – the auto hail repair leaders


We have a quite the new unique customer that is a bit of a ” Hail-ion.” This company is somewhat of a magical service. I was introduced to them after I had received hail damage on my new Mercedes in May this year. We have been talking back and forth like a couple of schoolgirls on the idea of redoing some of their advertising structure. We feel a well-placed market targeted Facebook campaign will be in order for their first storm of the season. We will target the area by GEO location. The Repair company has insight on exactly where the damage occurred through apps and websites that collect the data and make a sort of “damage path map” – if you will. It’s very interesting to see how it all goes down in their office once a storm hits and they get the intel and start going door to door offering an amazing service and adding value. The campaign will be able to pull many a leads we feel and land them quite a bit of new business from the storms leaving their mark on everyone’s vehicle. We will be doing a case study on this company in the next few months and let you know how the advertising campaign goes. As for now, It’s time to get the “HAIL OUTTA DODGE!!!”

Peace, Randy


P.S. If you Need Dent Repair in Edmond, Oklahoma they just opened a new office there to aid in repairs from this last summer’s storms. Tell them Randy sent you and you’ll help a brother get his referral spiff. Check out the link and let me know!

Primeco Services LLC. | Cleaning the s*** out septic tanks for 10 years.



Primeco Services llc. The leader in Portable toilet rentals and Septic cleaning services. We have been at it again with these guys and their dirty job of septic cleaning and portable toilet rentals. They definitely have a shi*** job but that means money! That’s right stinky old – Money! The thing about this company is that it is a necessity and everyone needs it time and time again. All construction companies in OKC are using them for their stellar septic services.

We are planning on a complete site redo and Total Social dominance package that will get the brand name out there. We feel there is a huge market for this service and we will have to be swift to keep the other marketers off our tail.

The primary purpose of the site rebuild is to give a more influential appearance to the everyday consumer. They will have an amazing form to call system setup that allows the form to be filled out and someone at their office will be able to receive a “hot lead” and seal the deal hopefully within 30 seconds of calling the customer. This new technology is simply amazing on all accounts and will forever change the business lead generation landscape.



We have a new client that we are doing a campaign for. | John Thrillinger designs



With the OKC Thunder playing their little hearts out this season, our friends over at a new startup is killing it with their new, all but average TEE’s. They have a unique concept and skill for their business to stand out from the crowd. Thier shirts are soft and have great quality that is a must in this competitive market. The designs come from the team at John Thrillinger and have a special meaning on all things that scream “Thunder”, all day every day. We will be blasting this new site on the web with the help of another client CJI Agency, in OKC as well. We will have a mailer go out mid-December to build brand awareness and create a flow to the facebook page to see if we can create a bunch of leads and boost sales. There is a certain audience that we can target for them with the FB ad’s and really boost brand awareness and lead generation. The Goal will be to add a 200% ROI on all dollars spent with us. We have plenty of room to help them grow and creat value as we do wit all of our clients. The best part about our job is we get to see the results take place right in front of our eyes. The John Thrillinger guys will be having specials on their site as soon as it is done in the next week. We look forward to sharing their story as it unflods. So, stay tuned and we will see you soon with more updates from our new clients.






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~ Randolf